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DRIVE BY VALVE (DBV) Speed Limiters by SafeMax


Safemax Drive By Valve (DBV) Speed Limiters:

Safemax DriveByValve is used by vehicles equipped with mechanical accelerator pedal.
Major Parts of DBV: • E.C.U (Electronic Control Unit) • F.C.U (Fuel Control Unit) • Speed Sensors

Functions of DBV Speed Limiters

Lets assume the Speed is set at 80 km/h.

•The vehicle will be running till 79 km/h & when it reaches 80 km/h, Safemax DBV will start to function.
•The Speed Signal is received from the Speed sensor which is connected to the E.C.U & once the set speed is attained information is passed to the F.C.U so that it will start to regulate the fuel feed to the engine
•Our advantage is the in-built bypass which will help the vehicle to maintain the set speed.
•Once the vehicle goes below the set speed the F.C.U will be opened and thus the vehicle runs smoothly.

View the DBV Speed Limiters Parts

Understanding the Speed Input Device

Speed Input Device is a handheld device used to program the ECU to the desired set speed. Without setting the parameters the Speed limiter will not control the speed of the vehicle.
I. SPEED – To adjust set speed of the vehicle.
II. PPR – Pulse Per Revolution, to be calibrated according to vehicle gear box.
III. DELAY – To adjust the setting for speed sensor removal delay time. If speed sensor is not working or removed, speed limiter will be in limp home mode. This option is to protect the device from external tampering.

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