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Remote Braking System

Remote Braking System

The two-button key FOB is used to both apply and release the brake remotely. The signal from the key FOB is received by the electronic control module. Subsequently, the signal is received with the support of the antenna. The communication from the module controls and releases the brake with the driving motor.
The Remote Braking System is an innovative product that has been launched recently. It allows the operator to both apply and release the brake of a vehicle remotely. The primary end-users of this exemplary system are driving institutes. The operator can control the braking of the vehicle with two buttons on the remote.

Major parts include:

Two button FOB (Remote)
RBS E.C.U with an Antenna
Motor Assembly

How it works

how it works
RBS – Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage: 8-18V
Operating Current: 1-8A
Frequency Range: 418MHz
Temperature Range: -20°C - 85°C
2 Button Key FOB
Antenna Range: 250 - 330ft

Motor Specification
Operating Voltage: 12V
Operating Current: 1-10A
Technical specifications

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