July 21, 2024

Speed limiters to keep accidents at bay in UAE

The COVID 19 pandemic has seen complete lockdown on trade and movement of goods
globally and also in the UAE. As the country prepares with life after the lockdown has started
easing, there is a huge rush to transport goods. There are millions of deliveries that have been
stalled across the UAE as transport systems had come to a standstill. The pandemic is still
raging, but the economy cannot be ignored, and slowly, things will limp back to normal.
What will change in the transportation industry?

The backlog will be huge, and all businesses will be in a rush to get their orders fulfilled. The
pace is of utmost importance as it might mean more sales. This situation will ultimately
translate into transport companies struggling to clear pending deliveries. It is a race against
time as all businesses try to cover losses incurred in the past few months.

Speeding trucks and buses that are used to ferry the goods will be prone to speeding. This is
a recipe for disaster as speed kills. It is not an empty phrase but the absolute truth. An average
of two people has been killed in road accidents in the UAE each day over the past five years,
according to The Khaleej Times.

This number is set to increase in the next few months as companies press the accelerator on
deliveries. Faster trucks that are deployed will mean more and quicker deliveries. The
industry demand will naturally want its fleet in optimal condition and damage-free. Drivers
will want to press the accelerator to perform better. Accidents are waiting to happen.
Adding to speeding woes inclement weather due to extreme summer heat is set to cause
havoc. Hot tarmac has been an age-old cause of tyres bursting and increasing the number of
accidents exponentially. Speed, combined with this phenomenon, can be a deadly
combination. The heat is here to stay, but steps can be taken to curb the menace of speeding.

Can speed limiters save lives? 

The answer to this dilemma is simple – installing speed limiters to trucks, Minibuses and
other vehicles used for transportation. The UAE government has also mandated that speed
limiters should be installed in vehicles. The speed limiter can limit the speed of a truck to a
pre-determined level. It is an innovation that can not only help avoid accidents but also save

The purpose of a speed limiter is to avoid accidents primarily. The aim is to save lives as
many lives have already been lost to this deadly pandemic. The remaining population needs
to be protected from needless accidents and probable deaths.
The dual-purpose is to prevent damage to expensive vehicles which will further delay the
completion of business. Speed limiters can be the way forward to manage your fleet
efficiently and securely while avoiding loss of life. The world has been ravaged enough. It is
time to implement a few simple but effective measures to limit speed and further destruction.

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