June 16, 2024

Onboard Kids Stress-free as UAE School Bus Upgraded to Covid-19 Safety Protocols

With the unending Coronavirus cases and vaccines still in the research phase, the only way to normalize our lives is to adopt safety measures. From trade to transportation, everything is taking a stepping stone to lead a life as usual. Similarly, KHDA is looking out for the best possible approaches to reopen the school gates for students. However, what about the everyday commute? Is it safe to let the children travel daily via the school bus? These questions linger in the mind of many parents knowing the potential hazards of the virus.

Contemplating the present situation, parents want some reliable solutions to send the kids back to school without any fear of risking their health. In these challenging times, travel safety measures are as crucial as the maximum speed limiter for school buses. No more need to fret about sending your little one to school again as solutions are here.

Paying attention to all the pandemic concerns and safety regulations it demands, strict actions are imposed by the UAE Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). In a virtual seminar held by the RTA recently, around 120 delegates of school bus operators got instruction about the new school bus rules. With over 21,000 public school students and 153,000 private school students using school buses, students’ safety became a priority for RTA. Hence, it added a complete list of Covid-19 focussed safety conditions for the school bus service. Adhering to these new safety protocols, Emirates school buses can ensure that students can travel safely amid the Covid-19 situation.

Read below the preventive measures directed by RTA to safeguard your kids’ travel journey.

  • The school buses will run on a maximum of 50% capacity now.
  • Every time before using the school bus, sanitize it thoroughly. Hence, before a new student group gets on board, bus operators must make sure to do proper cleansing of seats, railings, windows, doors, or other surfaces.
  • Compulsory temperature checks every day for students and staff alike before boarding the bus.
  • Mark the seating arrangements specifically on the bus to make it easy for students to locate their seats and sit in the same place daily.
  • Siblings may be permitted to sit together on a school bus.
  • It’s better if female attendants in the bus endeavor to avoid touching the pupils and their belongings.
  • Bus authorities must take instant action in case any student shows Covid-19 symptoms.
  • It is also mandatory for school buses to stack a first aid box for emergencies.
  • Try to waver pick-up and drop-off facilities as much as possible. It will help to prevent the school gate from overcrowding, thus maintaining social distancing.


Bus service providers have to ensure that their drivers and staff follow these new rules strictly. Providing them apt training is fundamental to prepare them for a safe driving experience. Also, bus operators have to electronically submit the document of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to RTA. In case any bus service fails to comply with new school bus safety regulations, RTA will take action against them since student protection is a big responsibility.

Wrapping up…

Nobody can stay confined within four walls for life. It is high-time, and students need to return schools since classroom studies play a massive role in excelling in academics. No parents can deny this. Undoubtedly, a refreshed focus on the protective aspect of school bus operations is the need of an hour.

Hence, with the implementation of these stringent school bus preventive regulations in UAE, parents can again look forward to sending children to school. A few precautions by your side and rest from the bus authorities can definitely re-create a safe and sound environment.

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