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Speed Limiter

A Speed Limiter is a device that is fitted into a vehicle and its primary function is to control the speed of the vehicle by limiting its ability to accelerate past the pre-set Speed Limit.

For instance a licensed technician will be able to program the controlling speed limit before installing the device, if the pre-set speed limit is programmed at 80 km/h - once the Speed Limiter is installed into the vehicle, the Speed Limiter will limit the vehicle to travel past the Speed of 80 km/h even if the accelerator is fully pressed.

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What is the purpose of having a Speed Limiter installed?

The primary reason for having a Speed Limiter installed into your vehicle is to avoid any hazards related to over-speeding. It helps the driver focus better on the road by making sure they do not have to constantly check if the vehicle is over speeding. Speed Limiters also improves the fuel efficiency of a vehicle substantially.

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What are the types of Speed Limiters in the market?

There are various types of Speed Limiters/Speed Governors that are available in the market. The most common types are classified as below.

Single Speed Limiter: A Single Speed Limiter is used to set a single speed limit. In this type of Speed Limiter, once a speed limit is programmed, the vehicle will not be able to travel above the pre-programmed limit. This pre-programmed Speed Limit cannot be altered with by the driver or user of the vehicle and can only be re-programmed by a licensed technician.

Dual Speed Limiter: A Dual Speed Limiter is the type of Speed Limiter which limits the vehicle speed in two different Speed Limit settings. A vehicle fitted with Dual Speed Limiter can be programmed in a way that the vehicle speed is limited based on the road terrain. For Eg: Vehicle must have a speed limit of 100 km/h on road and the same vehicle must have a speed limit of 80 km/h off road, the Dual Speed Limiter will be able to predict the terrain of the vehicle through an accelerator component in built. The Dual Speed Limiter will adjust the pre-set Speed Limit based on the terrain.

Intelligent Speed Limiter: An Intelligent Speed Limiter is a type of Speed Limiter which is integrated with a GPS tracking system. The GPS device will transmit information to the Intelligent Speed Limiter such as the current location speed limit; the Speed Limiter retrieves this information and limits the speed of the vehicle according to the GPS data.

What's the difference between cruise control and a speed limiter?

Speed Limiters primary function is to cut off the acceleration flow even when fully pressed at the preset input speed limit. For eg: If the Speed Limiter installed limits the vehicle speed at 80 km/h, the maximum speed the vehicle can accelerate to is 80 km/h even when the accelerator pedal is fully pressed.

Cruise control works by electronically managing the acceleration of the vehicle. Its different from a Speed Limiter because it does not limit the acceleration function when fully pressed and the driver is able to disable cruise control with ease by a switch of a button.

How does the Safemax Speed Limiter work?

DBV (DriveByValve) Speed Limiter:

DriveByValve (DbV) Speed Limiters is the device used for vehicles with a mechanical accelerator pedal.

Let's assume the Speed is set at 80 km/h.

DBW (DriveByWire) Speed Limiter:

DriveByWire (DbW) Speed Limiters is the device used for vehicles with an electro-mechanical accelerator pedal.

Let's assume the Speed is set at 80 km/h:

How we differ from others?

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